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Florida Contractor Licenses

Florida & Nationwide Contractor License & Application Services

Application and Exam Services - let us help you obtain your Florida & Out of State Contractor Licenses

Help with Florida Contractor Licenses and application service including Out of State Licensing, Foreign Corporations and Registered Agent Services. API is a full-service license application processing firm that specializes in contractors obtain a state license for Contractors in the Electrical and Construction Industry. Let us be your Registered Agent...

State Contractor License

New Rule! Florida Registered Construction license holders now eligible for Grandfathering effective June 1, 2021. Don't lose your opportunity to upgrade to state certified without examination. Electrical Registered Contractors also eligible for upgrade but must apply by November 1st, 2021. Construction window will remain open until further notice. Call now to learn more.

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NASCLA - Florida is now accepting NASCLA exams for General, Building and Residential Contractors. No Project Management or Contract Administration exams required. Contact Us or Call for Details.

NASCLA - Florida is now accepting NASCLA exams for Electrical exam candidates - obtain a residential electrical license without trade exam

Florida State Law New Florida State Law - Now Accepting Out of State Reciprocity

Obtain a Florida construction, electrical and/or specialty license without examination! Out-of-State Contractors holding an active license in their state, similar to Florida, are eligible to obtain a Florida license without examination. Must have held an active license for 10 years. Call for details.

  • Electrical Board Exam Reciprocity now being accepted in the attached states - Click Here
  • Construction Board Exam Reciprocity now being accepted in the attached states - Click Here

Military Veterans, Active Military, and Spouses of Military Veterans holding out-of-state licenses are eligible for licensing in Florida without examination - Call Now to find out more. No State Fees would apply.

Military Veterans may be eligible for fee waivers.  Call to learn more. 

Exams for Project Management and Contract Administration may not be required if you have a Construction related degree with a 3.0 GPA or higher.  Call to learn more.  

Licensing Exams We Take the Guesswork out of the Licensure Process!

It’s easy to get confused and frustrated when dealing with state and local contractor licensing laws. The time and attention needed to obtain a contractor license can be overwhelming. Often applicants have to prepare for the exam, maintain their current work schedule and juggle family obligations. Who has any time left over to prepare a lengthy application that requires assembling dozens of documents?

No need to worry, at API Processing, we handle it all for you! 
Unlike our competitors, API manages provides license exam services from start to finish. We oversee our clients’ application until it’s approved! At API, we have the knowledge and resources to help our contractor clients deal with special circumstances that could potentially stall licensure. We specialize in handling all problematic issues and if a board appearance is required for any reason, we thoroughly prepare you for the process. Let us be your Registered Agent...

Contractor License How to obtain a Florida Contractor License:

  • Are you interested in becoming a Licensed Florida Contractor but don’t have the time to deal with all the bureaucratic red tape?
  • Are you interested in obtaining an Electrical or Construction Contracting License?
  • Do you need help determining eligibility requirements, method of licensure or Contractor licensing law requirements?
Contractor ExamsAPI Processing Can Help!
  • If you are interested in a career in the Electrical or Construction Industry, API Processing is the perfect place to start!
  • Our Company has the knowledge and expertise to get your application approved so that you can be on your way toward a new career.
  • Let us be your Registered Agent.

Financial StabilityFinancial Stability Bond and 100K Financial Stability Officer Bond

  • Construction Industry Licensing Board allows Financial and Legal responsibility to be reassigned to another party other than the License Holder.  If the License Holder is not an owner or willing to take this role, we can submit a 100K Financial Responsibility Application to reassign this role.
  • Financial Stability Bond - required if you have less than 660 credit score. You can reduce the bond amount by taking a 14 hour Financial Stability Course. We can assist you with Bonding and Course......Click here to take Online Financial Stability Course

State Contractor LicenseAssist with License Complaints and Cease & Desist orders

State Contractor LicenseLicensing Categories we assist with:



        -- Residential Electrical
        -- Lighting Maintenance
        -- Sign Specialty
        -- Limited Energy Systems
        -- Utility Line Specialty Contractor

General Contractor

  • General Contractor
  • Building Contractors
  • Residential
  • Sheet Metal
  • Roofing Contractor
  • Air Conditioning Service
  • Mechanical
  • Commercial Pool/Spa
  • Residential Pool/Spa
  • Swimming Pool/Spa Service
  • Plumbing
  • Underground Utility and Excavation
  • Residential Solar Water Heating
  • Solar
  • Specialty Structure
  • Pollutant Storage System Specialty
  • Gypsum Drywall Specialty
  • Gas Line Specialty
  • Internal Pollutant Storage Tank Lining
  • Precision Tank Tester
  • Specialty Glass and Glazing
  • Swimming Pool Specialty
  • Marine Specialty

We can now also help you obtain Georgia Contractor License and North Carolina Contractor or Electrical Licenses.




A business or individual designated to receive service of process when a business entity is a party in a lawsuit or summons. Most states require a Registered Agent Designation when forming and registering a business entity within the jurisdiction.


Experience You Can Trust
In the licensing process, knowledge of licensing laws and state eligibility requirements are essential. If your application is denied because of inaccuracy, you could delay your licensure significantly. At API, we take the guesswork out of the license application process. API offers over 20 years experience in the Industry and 17 years of service on the Electrical Board and Chairman of the Licensing Committee. API has the experience, knowledge, and resources to get you approved!

Contact us if you need Florida Contractor Licenses, Construction License, License Application and Exam Services or a Registered Agent in Florida or other states.

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