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DBE Program

Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT)

Equal Opportunity/Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Program

Benefits of Certification as a DBE:

  • FDOT has established a goal of 8.18% for the utilization of DBE contracts. This equates to roughly $112 million.
  • FDOT encourages all prime contractors and consultants to use certified disadvantaged businesses.
  • FDOT Arranges solicitations, times for the presentation of bids, quantities, specifications and delivery schedules in ways that facilitate DBE and other small business participation.
  • FDOT Provides assistance in overcoming limitations such as inability to obtain bonding or financing.
  • FDOT Provides technical and managerial assistance and other services in:
    • Reading plans and specifications
    • Identifying jobs comparable to the DBE's work specialties
    • Preparing bid packages
    • Scheduling
    • Completing take off estimates
    • Marketing
    • Setting up books to track revenues and expenses
    • Interpreting financial statements
    • Completing applications for loans or bonding
  • FDOT carries out information and communication programs on contracting procedures and specific contract opportunities. These information and communication programs may include, but are not limited to:
    • Annually, the Department will provide all small businesses which have bid on contracts during the last fiscal year a summary on major policy manuals or important changes in contracting procedures
    • The Department shall supply the same information to all firms applying for DBE certification
    • The Department shall provide a summary of key DBE policies to persons responsible for contracting activities in the Departments Central Office and Districts
    • The Department shall provide DBEs with job listings and listings of the potential prime bidders
  • FDOT Implements a supportive services program to develop and improve immediate and long term business management, record-keeping and financial and accounting capabilities for DBEs and other small businesses.
  • FDOT Provides services to help DBEs and other small businesses improve long term development, increase opportunities to participate in a variety of kinds of work, handle increasingly significant projects and achieve eventual self-sufficiency. These services may include but are not limited to:
    • Providing semi-annual workshops for newly certified businesses to explain contracting and business processes
    • Conducting conferences at least six (6) times a year in order to bring together DBEs, the Department and prime contractors
    • Establishing a program to assist new and start-up firms, particularly in fields in which DBE participation is historically low

Minimum Requirements to become DBE Certified:

  • Member of a socially and economically disadvantaged presumptive group (African Americam, Hispanic, Native American, Asian, All Women)
  • 51% owned and controlled by the member
  • Business must be a small business (does not exceed $22.41 million in gross annual receipts)
  • Personal net worth less than $1.32 million

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