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Are you a minority business owner? Do you own and operate your business on full-time hands on basis? Are you a service-disabled veteran business owner?

Is your ethnic background one of the following?

If so, you may be eligible for the state minority business enterprise certification. As a certified minority business in the State of Florida, you are entitled to many benefits. Florida Minority Business Certification is highest certification approval for minority, women, and service-disabled veteran business enterprises. It is accepted across the State of Florida in the private sector as well as cities, counties, school districts, hospitals, water management districts and other quasi-governmental entities.

Numerous Benefits Include:

  • First Tier Referrals
  • Networking Activities
  • Special Discounts
  • Email Bidding
  • Strategic Alliances
  • Match Making Conferences
  • Online Directory Listing
  • Loan Mobilization Program

API has successfully processed numerous minority business certification applications. Call today to discuss the benefits and eligibility requirements of minority business enterprise certification. You can also visit the links below to learn more about the benefits of becoming certified as a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), Woman Business Enterprise (WBE), or a Service Disabled Veteran Enterprise.

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