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Electrical Contractor License

We help electricians obtain alarm, electrical, limited energy specialty licenses

Are you interested in becoming a Certified Electrical or Alarm Contractor? Did you know Electrical Contractors make an average of $50,000 per year! API Can Help! Our Company prepares and processes electrical, alarm, and specialty license applications. Don’t be dismayed by tedious applications and confusing licensing laws! Call us today! Get started on obtaining your state license!

Electrical and Alarm License Categories We Assist With!

Electrical and all related licenses are regulated by the Electrical Contractors Licensing Board (ECLB). The ECLB offers certification and registration in the following licensing fields:

  • Electrical Contractor
  • Alarm I and Alarm II system Contractor
  • Low Voltage contractor
  • Sign Specialty contractor

Know Your Scope! Read more about working with a legal license

API Processing specializes in all electrical, alarm, low voltage, lighting maintenace, utility line, sign, and residential contractor licensing applications!

Steps to Obtain State Licensure:

Pass the State Exam

  • API provides state approved reference books and directs you to right prep school
  • API prepares and processes your exam application, collects necessary fees, & informs you about Exam Information

Prove personal, education/experience, and financial eligibility

  • At API, we use our experience and knowledge about licensing laws to simplify this confusing process!
  • Review background, qualifications, problematic issues, & goals to determine eligibility for you!
  • Unlike other companies, API provides state approved credit reports

Submit completed application for licensure

  • API prepare and process application
  • API assembles the necessary documents

A Board hearing maybe required

  • If the Board has questions about your personal history, they may require a hearing
  • Unlike our competitors’ API considers you a client until your application is approved
  • API prepares you for the Board hearing, if required!

Let the Experts Handle It for You!
Lengthy, confusing applications and documents that require precise language and information only make the process more difficult. Our team of specialists has the knowledge that you need to obtain a license quickly and easily. We take the guess work out of the application process!

Our Company Prepares and Processes Electrical Licensing Applications for:

  • Initial Certification
  • New Businesses
  • Additional Businesses
  • Transfers
  • Re-Activations
  • Endorsements
  • Exams
  • County & State Registration
  • Out-of-State Licensing
  • Corporations, LLC’s Partnerships, Business Trusts
  • Fictitious Name
  • Registered Agent Service for out of state companies
  • Foreign Corporate Filing
  • Find qualifiers for Start-up, Existing Companies ie., death of license holder or desertion by disgruntled employee, etc.

Unlike other companies, API manages the entire process from start to finish. Obtaining a state license can be an arduous process. It's even harder when you have to study for an exam and maintain your current job schedule and family obligations. As a Full-Service Processing Company, API manages the entire licensure process so you don't have to.

Our company also provides other business services to help establish your company. Call today for a free consultation.