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Contractor Reviews & Testimonials


Thank you very much Patricia. I couldn't have done it without you and your colleagues at API. I especially want to mention that if it weren't for Kristin Barber, this wouldn't have happened. Had it not been for her patience with me and knowledge of the process, I would have given up when I was really discouraged at times - we shared a couple of good laughs over the sheer insanity of it all through the more than a year long saga and it really made the difference.

API Staff

I cannot begin to tell you the feelings I am dealing with right now, this has been a long time coming. I want to thank all of you at API for the awesome customer service, the patience, and getting the job done. Love you ladies!!!


This is to kindly inform you that after we sent out the Request for Variance on May 16, 2021, we got a notice to appear in front of the board. Today was the hearing and I am pleased to inform you that the request was accepted, they will accept the exam scores, and they will grant us the General Contractor License. Thank you ALL for what you did and your patience dealing with me and this fast/short time application. Have a great weekend and once again thank you for your services.

Hello Kristin and Dawn,

As you already know this morning the DBPR approved my limited energy license, I want to say thank you for your professional work and all the advices you gave me. Please let your other co-workers know that I'm very greatful with all. I'll be in contact for the next steps.

Carlos Narvaez.

Hi Dawn

I apologize for just following up now, but I wanted to thank you for all of your help and hard work on my Electrical License! It was issued at the ECLB meeting last month, and wanted to thank you for all of your help.

Best Regards,
Joe Cataldo - Goldin Solar


I'm pleased to tell you that you can add me to your long list of success stories! Thank you so much for all your hard work and everything you do! I was approved and made it through like a breeze! Thanks again!

Great Job

We got approved. We could not have done it without your professional expertise and guidance. THANK YOU DEAR!!! I owe you a nice dinner soketime soon. BEST wishes.


Good morning everyone

Just wanted to let you know that we were the first ones called and approved during this morning’s board meeting. Thank you all for the guidance and help as always.

Armando Alvarez


All, we were successful yesterday at the hearing and I just wanted to thank you all for your help!

Mike A.
MJA Construction Services, Inc.


Thank you so much Michelle! You ladies are the best!

Manny Cabielles

Dear API Staff

I recently received my certification on Construction industry. I'm still in awe. It took me some years and effort to get to this point. I would like to share with all of you this success and happiness since it means a lot to me and let you know that you are part of it. Thanks for your services, time and professionalism.

-Erik Lee

Dear Dawn

We would like to thank you and your incredible team for all your help with A&H Systems, Inc. You made the transition for Izaak and Ralph to obtain their License very easy and efficient. MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR.

-Lisa Ezell Vice President at A&H Systems, Inc.

API Team

API is great by the way, and I will gladly recommend you to others.


API Team

The Electrical Board meeting process went so nice and smoothly today, it took literary 2-3 minutes from start to finish. Thank you Dawn and team.


Thank you for your generous and helpful services! I got my Continuing Education completed on your very user friendly web site and was easily able to apply online for my renewal! You guys hopped right on it and my CE unit credits arrived in Tallahassee right on time and I got this back today!! You run a great business, always helpful and professional!!! Excellent consistency and friendly kindness, always!!! Thank you!

Michael Calvert


I am writing to thank you. First off for everything you and your services have done for me. You made the whole process seamless, and I really appreciate it.

Jason McKoy
Electrical Consultants Corp.


You guys rock!! I wish I could go and thank you personally for all your help. Your team is great and efficient. Dawn, I'm in eternal debt to you. You and your team are the very elite of your industry. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. This is a your victory too.

Norge Pineda
ASINET Security & Communication


API has been great and I appreciate all your help in helping me get my license through the board. They just emailed me my certificate with license number which I will proudly hang in my office. Thanks again everyone I could not have done it without you. Have a great week!!!

Bruce Scott
Sun System Technology


I wanted to thank all of you for all of your help in helping me obtain my license. I couldn’t have done it without each and every one of you. Everyone did amazing throughout the process. Thank you

Up until this point we have communicated using my gmail account. Please use this email address going forward. With that being said I have an additional company I would like to qualify. How do we get started on that?

Brian Zocchi
President at Vantage Technology Inc.

Hi Kathy

I wanted to thank Dawn, Kathy and Annette you are a great team, I received my Pool Contractors License in less than three weeks, the process was smooth and thank you for being patient and always answering my calls, I highly recommend API.

Atlantis Pool Service
Al Marrero


Hi, as I told you I got my license, your call before the board appearance was a key for this success. I really want to thanks you and your team because during this process I felt safe and comfortable, thanks again.

Thank you


I just wanted to thank you ALL for the help!! API is a great company and definitely looking forward to doing business with in the future.


Great news Dawn

Thank you for coming through again! Accounts Payables department just advised that the check will be cut this Friday, so you should have it in hand early next week. Thank you again, and we will talk soon.

Paul A. Alvarado, ERMC Aviation, LLC


I just got approved by the Board for the Unlimited EC license. Thank you so much for all the help through this period!!

Rafael A., EngiPartners.com


Pinch me! Am I dreaming? I'm so happy!

Kelly A., Ryan Holmes


Hi, thank you so much for everything you guys have been nothing but awesome all the way thru, really helped me out and great communication thru out the whole process and got it done so fast! I will be sending an email to the director of Gold Coast schools and if it’s ok Id like to recommend to put API processing on the list they give out to the new students.

Leo Alvarez

Good evening Dawn

Everything went perfect today. Didn’t even get a chance to sit down before I was approved. Thank you and Kathy and everyone at API!! I will definitely recommend y'all for anyone I hear of looking to earn their license. I look forward to continuing a relationship with API on continuing education and what ever I may need for a successful company. Thanks again for all your help.

David Humrell
Power Design, Inc.

Good morning Dawn and Kathy

I want to thank you both for your help and making sure I had everything in line. I was approved yesterday and yes they did ask me about my experience I explained everything and what I know and they instantly approve me. Thank you again, now I just need to try to get my North Carolina license now. If you could please let me know what I need to do to achieve my North Carolina license I would gladly hire you again to help me. Without API I definitely couldn't have done this without you. Thank you very much talk to you soon.

Jesse Koryciak
Salt Industries, Inc.

Dawn and team,

As always I can count on you to help us through the process of moving our licenses as our business grows. Thank you again for going the extra mile you have a quality team!

Guillermo Swain
Zarco Stucco Construction, LLC

Thank you Dawn!!

You run a first class operation for sure. Mechanic license is next. Enjoy your weekend

Juan C Reyes
Island Construction Group

Hi Kathy

Just wanted to let you all know I got approved today. You guys rock. Please tell Dawn that as I promised , I didn’t wear my hat but I did wear my cowboy boots and my “Cuban Guayabera” with black jeans. I also came in my truck instead of my horse. All was great !

Thank you again.
Juan C Reyes
Island Construction Group


What a great experience. I was referred to API by a friend. From start to finish Annette made the process as smooth as imagined. Thank you and I will recommend you to all my friends.

Arthur Barnes

Kathy and Dawn

I just want to say thank you for all the hard work you put forward to help me get my license. I was approved today at the meeting and what relief off my shoulders. I would highly recommend API to anyone in need of your services. Thank you,

Mark Murdocco
Big Bear Developers

Dawn and API Team

I wanted to say thank you for everything you have done for me over the past years. I couldn't have done it without API. Thank you

Accurate Electrical Connection, Inc


I received notification yesterday about your license being attached to StarLink. API did a great job and the process was far quicker than we imagined it would be and we appreciate you working with us.

Kind regards and happy holidays!


First allow me to say thank you for all the help with the application. You and your team did an amazing job. The job was so great that we got approved without any questions!

Chris Posey

Dear Dawn

I’m so happy to inform you that I was approved! Thank you for all your hard work and guidance to my case!

Sincerely, Andy Polanco

Dear Dawn

Thanks for your help in this. Like before......you came thru for us!!

Regards, Bill U

Dear Dawn

Awesome job in assisting me in getting my CE credits. I've recommended you to several pool guys

Scott Griswold

To whom it will concern

Our months of seeking a license before we were introduced to API were full of excessive delays, a huge dose of unknowing, frustration, and even anger, but mostly it was full of expending excessive amounts of time and getting nowhere!

We were referred to API. We didn’t know there were firms that professionally helped secure state and county licenses.

Our experience was exemplary! Everyone who worked with us specialized in one area of the licensing process. Each spoke in everyday language about what had to be done, and what we had to do in each step. They frequently checked with us and others involved to see that tasks were being accomplished. Most importantly was their discipline of returning calls, and never being frustrated when our calls were just us checking to see if everything was going as scheduled. Each person was always patient, reassuring, knowledgeable of our status, and were totally focused on us during each call. They listened!

We are now the recipient of a Florida Professional License. Its arrival was wildly celebrated! We are indebted to our friends at API and recommend them without a single reservation!

Respectfully submitted
Mike Kilgore, Sr.

Dear Dawn and Team!

Liza and I just wanted to say thank you to you and your Team for getting my license reinstated so quickly. You guys rock! Thank you

Brian Szpunar/Gold Coast Lighting

Hi Dawn,

I wanted to say thank you, I'm really grateful for your service and advices... Anthony was great also, in less that a minute i had my approval.

Thanks again,

Good morning Dawn,

I am writing to thank you for all your help regarding the application. The board mentioned that the new application was perfect and that all the proof was there. They approved me without having to ask me any questions thanks to you and to Anthony. I will be looking forward to working with you again when I start the application to upgrade from B to A.

Thanks again,
Jose L. Lupianez

A big thank you to you and your wonderful team!

My husband's CBC license posted online this morning and we are thrilled! Sometimes in all of the hustle and bustle of our everyday work, it is easy to lose sight of the big impact you make in people's lives. This license is a life changer for us and we are so grateful that you got it done so fast! This is the 5th license I have worked on with your company. And even though the process can be stressful, your competence, fast service and friendliness have made it a pleasure!

Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts!
Jill and Sean Wise

Hi Jackie,

Thank you for this. That's great. Please send my thanks to all at API for all your help. You and your team have been amazing throughout this complete process. Thanks again and have a great evening.

Kindest Regards,
Sean Gleeson BSC, Managing Partner
Smart LED Concepts
Oakland Park, FL

Ladies and gentlemen:

I am proud to report that I attended the Florida Electrical Contractors' Board Meeting this past Thursday, and I was approved for my Florida Unlimited Electrical License. This has been a career goal for me for a long time, and this has been a rewarding journey.

More importantly, this achievement would not have been possible without each of your contributions along the way. That is to say that I learned a long time ago that there are three things that a person will never get back in life: time, unkind words, and missed opportunities. To the contrary, I want to acknowledge that each of you offered your time, a kind word, and took the opportunity to make a contribution toward my success. Therefore, I want to take my time to say a kind word and use this opportunity to recognize the people who made this possible.

Please accept this email as my immediate recognition to each of your contributions, and I thank each of you for all that you have given.

With highest respects,
Roger L. Bennett, Jr.


I want to personally thank you and your staff for an outstanding job in the preparation And the following through to completion of my Florida State Electrical Licenses. I wouldn't been able to do this without you and your staff's help and for that, I am Very grateful. Thank you all very much.

Clive Hew, EC

Thank You

You guys have exceeded my expectations from the beginning and continue to do so. You will always be my first call for any of my licensing needs.

Regards, GL
Lott Energy, LLC


Awsome, thanks Angela....that was really fast, outstanding job!!!

Michael Lott
Lott Energy, LLC

Hi Annette,

I want to thank you, Dawn, Kathy and Jackie for all your help in making my dream come through, becoming a Florida State Electrical Contractor. Yes, I would like to proceed with the WC and the Registered Agent Services. I am still in the negotiating stages with Roth South East, LLC, before moving forward in becoming a Qualified Agent for them, so I will get back to Dawn on that. Again, thank you for all at API for your assistance.

Clive Hew
Sysco Electrical Inc.

Hello Kathy,

I just wanted to say that yourself and everyone I have dealt with at your office are tremendous and awesome. Just checked the DBPR this morning and the EC license EC13007069 already appears to be approved. Thank you for all your help, very glad I chose your company for helping me thru this process.

W. Chris Martin
Florida Electrical Services & Contracting

Good morning Dawn,

Thank you very much for your assistance with the license scope of work clarification that you help me with recently. The Chief of Electrical did approve our permit request and we were able to pickup the permit and proceed with our project. While I know that we were 100% correct it was still a tremendous process to endure. Please accept my gratitude for your help in this matter. I am truly thankful for the support that you gave us and in knowing we have someone in our corner.

Greg Reed, Avit LLC

Hello Carol,

Thank you very much. You have just made my day. I apologize for not being able to call you and thank you but, believe me, my family and I are ecstatic. I currently in the middle of studying for an exam I have in the late afternoon. I will contact you tomorrow if all goes well. Please extend my gratitude to everyone at your office that participated in the collective effort of processing my application.

Regards, Jorge Tapia

Dear Carol:

Thank you to everyone there for their help in helping me obtain this license I am truly grateful and blessed to have people like yourselves to have helped.

P. LeBlanc - Ross Electric

Dawn my EC license was approved at the Board meeting today, please thank all at API for supporting me

Ferran Services

Dear Dawn & Annette:

Thank you so much for your e-mail and all the great job done. API will be for sure at the top of our list of referrals, you are the best at what you do, period. Kind Regards

O. Casini - INMA Group


Have a Happy Friday. IES Licensed as of yesterday about 2:00 pm. Process was smooth, NO questions at all. Thanks API for helping on bringing this ship to a safe port. Will keep reaching out for additional services. by the way,,,,, how soon can i have my license # so i can print my business card at least. ? They didn't tell me. Enjoy weekend and CONGRATS.

F. Rodriquez - IES

Hi Dawn, I got yesterday board approval for my licence. I'm so glad for all your services. Thanks so much for all your help. Thanks,

Y. Perez - Miami Best Electric Inc.

Morning Carol, Even though I did talk to you on Friday, I wanted to send you this email. I studied many long hours to pass the exams to be able to get my state license. When I got to the application process I’m glad I decided to go with API. You were extremely knowledgeable and knew exactly what I did and didn’t need to do. Finally getting this license changes a lot of things for me in my professional career and thanks to you and API I got it sooner than later. Thank you again for all your help and I’ll be in touch especially when it’s time for my required CEUs. Thanks Again,

Anthony R. Napoleon

Dear Carol, Hope you're doing great. I wanted to thank you so much for assisting me in filing of my license application. your professionalism was outstanding and I greatly appreciate your attention to details in the process of getting my license approved. your pricing was very reasonable and I am totally satisfied with your service I would recommend anybody to do business with you guys as it is such a joy thank you again and keep up the great work sincerely your new customer for life,

Oscar Arroyo

I just wanted to say THANK YOU to Carol P. and everyone at API processing for their hard work and commitment in helping me achieve my dream of becoming a Certified Electrical contractor. My company, American Pride Electric, has been in business only a few months but already I have discovered the peace of mind that comes with ownership. I would not have been able to do this without the professional, courteous, and dedicated people over at API Processing. Everyone there including Carol, Kathy and Dawn (I’m sure that I forgot some more names) were always polite and very willing to help with all my question and needs. I can be very demanding at times and impatient, but everyone at API never showed anything but professionalism at all times. Thank you again for all your help and I will forever refer all friends and acquaintances considering a Contracting business to API Processing. Thank You!

Santiago C. Arredondo – American Pride Electric, LLC

Words can’t even explain how thankful we are for your hard work. On behalf of both Daniel and I thank you so much! If we ever know of anyone needing your services, we will highly recommend you. Thanks Carol

Susi Husty, Empowered Global Inc

Thank you all!! You did a great job. We are very excited.

Eileen Glass, Atlantic Development Group

Just wanted to let you know that Dawn at API is the real deal. Her and her company got ADS licensed in Florida and Georgia in less than 2 weeks and without all of the hassle of other I've dealt with before. I would highly recommend using Dawn and API for any of your dealers looking to get licensed in states that they provide that service.

Curtis Kindred, American Defense Systems

On behalf of everyone at All Brothers Roofing, LLC I would like to extend our gratitude to Carol Pasquarosa for her excellent, diligent, and quick work while working with ABR to get our License Qualified. Carol went above and beyond for us, even helping out with matters unrelated to our license needs. Working with the state of Florida was one of the most difficult things we had to do and Carol made it much easier for us and we couldn't have done it without her. Carol also walked us through the process to get our Bonds and certifications, this was a great help. I would recommend Carol to anyone that needs her services. Thank you very much Carol we greatly appreciate it!

D.E. Hall, All Brothers Roofing

Wonderful. Thank y'all so much for your help I will definitely keep y'all in mind for the future. It has been a pleasurable experience with you and your staff.

Nick Hall, PE

Thank you to all, I appreciate your help very much! You made the process less painful for me, although it was not completely painless. Without your help I am sure it would have taken me much longer to get through the process. If I can give you any referrals I certainly will.

Mark Foy

Hi Dawn: Great news!!! Thank you so much for all of your help. You and your office are wonderful to work with. Chris and I have been studying very hard and will be taking our exams in August. Thank you again for everything.

Mindy, Paradise Swimming Pools & Spas

Carol: You did a great job and I appreciate the amazing customer service! Thank you!

Tony Davis

Carol--Good Afternoon, Wow!! Thank you very much for all that you do-- From the time I first contacted you, , you have been on top of each step. Not only that, if I asked you for an update, there was always an immediate response. You enabled me to do my work in the field, with complete confidence that the State's requirements were being fulfilled on your end. I felt through our conversations, that you were well aware of what it is like being in the field, what we go through each day with our Projects, and knowing how important that License is to us, no matter how many decades we have been working Construction, that unknowing of the State's requirements, were alleviated by your hard work and today it has been fulfilled, with the issuing of my General Contractors License. Thank you Carol for everything--you made my Day and more!---

Harry Seaman, Goodland Construction

I would like to take the time to say thank you to the staff at API, especially Carol. For preparing and monitoring my state application, which led to a quick process approval. I will definitely recommend you all to anyone who need guidance for their application process.

Chris Mullinex

Thank you for the good news. I’m surprised it was so quick, I see that as a testament to API’s thoroughness, thank you. I am pleased in working with API and will forward my confidence in you to Construction Training Institute. They did refer you. I assume you will be in touch with CEU information. I am now looking for a company to assist me in filing my SAM (System of Award Management) with the federal government and am interested in if you have any referrals. Again, thank you for all of your assistance and I look forward to working with you in the future.

Tom Sheeran

I was referred to API from a friend I meet in the GC class. I called around and spoke to 2 other contractor services and Carol gave me the most information over the phone and was very nice. I made an appointment with Carol Pasquarosa and I meet Kathy Ballam the same day which also was very nice. After going over all of my questions with Carol I decided she was for me. Carol and Kathy worked with me on getting my General Contractor License as fast as possible. Both of them always returned my phone calls or they spoke with me when I called and returned emails very quickly. I have already referred several people to API to deal with Carol and Kathy. I will continue to do so in the future. Thank you both for all of your time and help.

Robert J. Ermovick II

THANKS! for all your help in helping me get this license. This is a big deal for me and you don’t know how much I appreciate your help and hard work!!


Dear Everyone at API, THANK YOU!!!!! We couldn’t have done this without you. Everyone here at Miller really appreciates all you did! Thank you!!!


Thanks Annette and Dawn, the whole API Team rocks! The application was received by the CILB on Monday March 4th and approved today Friday March 8th. They know how to correctly fill out the paperwork, the package looked so professional, no wonder it went so smoothly!

Bob Berriz
Berriz Design Build Group, LLC

Approved. Thank you for all your help with these past two licenses. You and your staff have been great to work with and your advice has been dead on accurate. Gary A. Thomas

Gary A. Thomas

Hello Carol, this is Jonathan K Johnson Sr and I wanted to take this time to truely thank you for all of your help in assisting me to get my A/C State License. From the first time we talked I felt a comfort and assurance that you would follow this through with the utmost care and concern. As we both know, my application wasn't the usual one but I always felt your confidence that we would get through it. You have truely given me a new start in my business life and definitely a message to so many others that no matter what the past or present situation is, if you put your heart on something it can be fulfilled. God Bless you Carol inside of everything that life brings your way, my family and I will always remember you and keep you in our prayers daily.

Jonathan, Carla, Taylor Johnson

Thank you so much for all your help and assistance to you and the rest of the staff. I am amazed that the license was approved in only 2 days!

Chris Y

Just wanted to say thank you, you really did a fabulous job on helping me obtain my Electrical License. I will recommend API any day of the week thank you so much.

Charles Gullett, President

Thank you so very much. You made what would have been a very difficult process very simple. Thank you again. I will recommend API to anyone attempting to obtain a state license.

Frank Perkins

I appreciate your hard working in taking care of this for me. If it had not been for API, I would have not known about the July 2012 deadline. Have a great day.

Kevin House

THANK YOU! Great job!!!!!. Thank you.. thank you.. thank you. We will keep in touch.

Rey Alemany

Thank you API Processing for your great work getting my Florida Home Inspector license so fast ! Also I want to appreciate your professional skills, office management and kindness to provide this outstanding service . Thank you very much .

Fernando Aluma
Home Inspector Lic. # H14716

We cannot thank you enough for all you and your staff did to make it possible for Glenn to obtain his state license. We never could have made it without all of your diligent hard work. It was especially wonderful when the Board called for Steel Electrical Services and they had "No Questions" and just approved it. It was all due to your accuracy with all the information you supplied.

Again, thank you, you are greatly appreciated. God Bless.


Thank you, I really appreciate all you have done towards completing the application, in particular your help in selecting the proper information from my prior experience to add to the application. All the efforts that you have done have paid off really well. Again thank you, and API shall be highly recommended if anyone asks me.

Ziad Aryan
Elite Style Construction LLC

I cannot thank you enough!!!! It was very exciting to receive your email informing me that my Certified General Contractor license was approved. Thank you thank you thank you!

Greg Heddaeus
Carl Walker Construction
Pittsburgh, PA

We want to thank you for everything! You have been beyond amazing and have the patience of a saint. We really appreciate all of your help!

Jessica & Ruben
Tinez Construction Inc.

I wanted to take a moment out and thank everyone who worked on getting my Air A license approved. All within two days from submittal! I know this is a record turn around with the DBPR. I will recommend your company to anyone I find seeking licensure. You really knew exactly what was needed and got it accomplished.

Fred Bass

I understand our licenses came thru for VJS Lincoln/Joel Stueland. Thank you to you and your team! This is huge for us. We are very grateful for your help.


“I would like to thank you all for your assistance in obtaining the License. It was invaluable what you did for us. Without your help we would be still thinking what to do!! I will recommend API to all Contractors we know. Thanks again”

Francesco Falchetti
AA Sign Lines
Fort Lauderdale, FL

“I want to thank you for everything the API Processing team did to help me obtain my GC License. Your professionalism and customer service was incomparable. I will be taking the EC Exam soon, and will definitely use API to handle my paperwork when applicable. Thanks again”

Bryan Menendez, LEED AP
Borrell Electric Co. Inc.
Tampa, FL

“I just wanted to say thank you very much for assisting me in getting my GC License. That was faster than I expected! I will be contacting you in a month or so do the paperwork for the minority builder application you briefly told me about. Thanks again.”


“I would like to thank you for all you did to help us get our license. I would recommend you to anyone applying for a license. Just have them call me if they need a reference. I would gladly do this for you. We couldn't have done this without you. You definitely know your business.”

Frank E Smith
Bay Area Development & Construction LLC
Port Richey, FL

“I just want to tell you how great you did with my application and especially the high level of customer service you provide for the start to end of the process getting everything together for me. You were always available and helpful, but the best thing of all, I got the license in only 9 days after submission.

Thanks very much and I will always refer you with everyone who asks about your service.”

Meyer Pinchassow
Express Construction Group
Coral Springs, FL

I'm still in awe that you were able to turn around the paperwork in a matter of days and get us on the next scheduled agenda for the board. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for your efforts. I will not hesitate to recommed API to others along my path.”

Barbara Kennedy
Global Watch
West Melbourne, FL

“Thank you for helping us make it happen. It was because of you that everything went so smothly. We are very excited to get things rolling. We shall recommend your services to others.”

Gregg and Sunshine Downer
Downer Enterprises
Hollywood, FL

“I wanted to thank you so much for your diligence, follow-through and professional demeanor. Thank you again, and we really appreciate all that you have done. ”

Deanna Metzger, Esq.
Siemens Industry
Dallas Fort Worth, TX

“Thank you for all of your continued help in obtaining our license. I will recommend your services to anyone else I hear of who is looking to obtain a license in the states you service.”

Erik Murrell
Spineiello Companies
Livingston, NJ

“It was a pleasure working with your company to get to the finish line. I can honestly assure you that I would have blundered up the paperwork process so signigicantly if I were left to handle it on my own. It is such a critical license and heavily scrutinized, that it truly is imperative to use a service such as the one you provide. It's just that not all companies providing this service provide the personal touch that yours does. You made sure I did not forget anything, continued to follow up with my busy schedule. I can't thank you enough for your diligence, patience and well, at the risk of sounding redundant, just being such an absolute pleasure to work with.

Thank you so kindly - my company is elated! Please feel free to use my name for any referrals at any time. ”

Lisa Gerard VP/COO
David Associates
West Palm Beach, FL

“Your dedication to my predicament and subsequent resolution without additional cost was an incredibly refreshing gesture on your part and for that I will be forever grateful. I had been attempting to resolve this for over a month prior to calling you. You clearly showed me why I should have called you in the first place and you can be sure I will call API for any future needs. Thanks again. ”

Jeff Dayhoff
1st Choice Construction Group
Naples, FL

“Thank you all for your continued support through this process, this was truly an example of how valuable it is to utilize your resources. We appreciate all your time and effort. ”

Tierra Builders
Boynton Beach, FL

“Thank you for all your hard work getting my Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina Licenses. ”

Thom Dettman
Milton J. Wood Fire Protection
Jacksonville, FL

“Would not have been able to do it without your help. God Bless you all and thank you very much.”

Tony Alfonso
Florida Burglar Alarm
Miami, FL

“I am excited and surprised at the same time that you got my license approved literally within 3 business days of application submission. I admire your professionalism and focused approach in the compilation of application related documents. I greatly appreciate your advice and involvement in rectifying the issue related to the nonconforming statement in the bank letter.

Based on my overall experience with API, I strongly suggest everyone not to waste time responding to unsolicited mail they receive for the application processing. Instead, they should consider hiring API for a smooth license abtaining process.”

Sal Kardar
Fresh Meadows, NY

“I just want to thank you again for your efforts in processing my solar contractor's license. Your services were very prompt and effective, which left me as a satisfied API Processing client as well as a certified solar contractor. I look forward to retaining your services again in the future and would gladly recommend you to others in the construction industry.”

Guy LaPlante
WFL Properties
Fort Myers, FL

“We want to extend our thanks and appreciation to you for all your help and fast service. We are thrilled to have the license and would gladly be a reference for your company anytime. ”

Jill & Michael
Theta Electric
Clearwater, FL

“I just want to thank you again for your assistance in obtaining my GC license. After the horror stories that I have been told about dealing with the state, I am very surprised that we heard back so quickly and they didn't ask for any other documentation. The state had told me that the review could take 30 - 60 days, and to hear back within a week was outstanding. I truly believe it was your organizational skills and thoroughness that gave the state no reason to question the application. Your fee was a small price to pay for the time and aggravation I would have had. My license was activated in under a week. Exceptional!”

Robert Delashaw
Kay Del Mar
Largo, FL

“Can't thank you enough for all your assistance and unbelievably quick processing! I will be sure to recommend you to everyone.”

Gail Maxwell
GMAX Design
Naples, FL

“Thank you for all your help. It's been a pleasure working with you. If any more license related tasks should arise, I will gladly call upon your services. You may use me as a reference for any prospective clients.”

John Maggiolino
Your Home Store
Bedford, TX

“Thanks for everything, your service has been excellent, I would recommend you to anyone. ”

Patrick Hagerty
Chicago, IL

“Thank you sooo much, your service is wonderfull!!!! ”

Robert Tudi, CEO
Tudi Mechanical Systems
Deltona, FL

“Thank you for everthing. Everything was so smooth and you made the process easy. I like the way you handled things.”

Moise Telus, CGC/CRC
Asterik Solutions
North Lauderdale, FL

“Thank you for the execution of the licensing of Reidel Construction Inc. I would like to say the service I received was outstanding through the entire process. I would refer any of my associates to use your company. ”

Steve Reidel, President
American Dream Development
Evergreen Park, IL

“I tried applying…  2-3 times over the past years – I found it impossible!
Thank you for making it so Easy.”

Ellen and Dave

“Thank you & the rest of the team for all your hard work.  You made the process a breeze."


“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your company for an outstanding job well done on the process my application for a State Electrical Contractor’s License as you know the processing requirements have become much more difficult. Thank you for all the hard work and dedication that was put forth into obtaining my State Certificate.  You and your company should be proud.  I will recommend your services; and I look forward to doing business with you in the future.”  


“Thanks for everything you have done for me and everything you have had to put up with for the past almost 2 years.  Words can not say enough but I want you to know that I am truly grateful for everything you have done for me and I greatly appreciate the quality of service everybody in your office has afforded me.  Have a great day."


“I wanted to commend you on your professional, accurate, and swift processing of my contractors certification.  You were specific and concise in your requests, did an excellent job communicating and following up. I believe that it is all of these facts, that allowed my certification to be processed by the State in less than 2 weeks, instead of the 45-60 days that the State informed me the process could take. It was apparent that your work was so well done, that it simply few through the system.
Thank you very much


“Your Staff was more than helpful in this process of endless paperwork required by the State. Excitedly, I commend you and your staff after receiving my EC license after less than 30 days. This painstaking process was made effortless with your expertise.  Again, I am grateful for a job well done.  Sincerely”


“Your dedication to my predicament and subsequent resolution without additional cost was an incredibly refreshing gesture on your part and for that I will be forever grateful. I had been attempting to resolve this for over a month prior to calling you. You clearly showed me why I should have called you in the first place and you can be sure I will call API for any future needs. Thanks again!”